COSCO SHIPPING Lines is one of the leading shipping companies in the world. Thanks to their complete global service network, COSCO SHIPPING Lines has become a top international brand. A world leading business entity which provide full integrated logistics and supply chain services.
    Our company established close strategic partnership with many international vendors and (inland) terminals. An intermodal network of rail, road and inland waterways guarantees that your cargo will easily and efficiently find its way from and to the European hinterland.
    In combination with customized door-to-door and inland CY possibilities for all types of cargo we offer additional services such as arranging customs formalities, extra stop(s), gas measurement, etc.
    Our intermodal transport solutions provide following benefits:
    ·        Cost efficient and sustainable transport possibilities.
    ·        One stop shop – You will have only 1 focal point for your complete booking.
    ·        Competitive rates – Because of the economies of scale and our long-term relation with our vendors we can offer attractive rates.
    ·        Equipment optimization – Our network of (inland) terminals and depots within Europe enables us to optimize the usage of empty equipment to offer single trip transport.
     For any questions, rates and / or reservations please contact our sales team: